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Occasionally when I am speaking with a prospective applicant, he will ask me, “What are the benefits of winning the 27-year old CQIA Innovation Prize?

Here are responses from a few 2013 CQIA Innovation Prize winners.

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Sheila Carmine

Founder and Executive Director

“Cartus began participating in the CQIA program 17 years ago, and during that time has been honored with 11 gold and 272 silver prizes.  Each year, our employees  are excited to share the innovations and special projects that they believe will be our next gold winners.  The program is a tremendous motivator for our employees, and the recognition we have received highlights  the emphasis we place on excellence in all aspects of our business. We are proud of the recognition we have received but even prouder of the improvements to our program and processes that have resulted from our employee’s participation in the CQIA Innovation Prizes.

Kevin  J. Kelleher, CEO

Cartus, Danbury

“Winning the CQIA Gold Innovation Prize had a substantial impact on our staff. Many long and ultimately years of work went into the development of the Rapid ISF Process. This effort, while internally praised, was not something which was particularly visible to our customers and partners. As a result, it was easy for people to feel as though their efforts were not ever going to be recognized by the outside world.  This award, however, clearly showed all who were involved in the development process that their efforts did not go unnoticed and the end result of their hard work is appreciated.”

Justin Michaud,Vice President

REM Surface Engineering, Southington

“For more than a decade, the CQIA Innovation Prizes that APTMetrics receives for our talent management tools have helped to establish and maintain our reputation  for quality and innovation in our global marketplace.”

Susan Carnes, Vice President

APT Metrics, Darien

“Winning the CQIA Innovation Prize in 2013 opened us to a new world of customers and supporters in the business world. The Prize helped us to grow in places where we never thought to plant. Beginning a social enterprise is often challenging. We must have the world understand our mission of fostering independence within the autism community while supported by Connecticut farming. We quickly saw a jump in hits to our web site and social media, which translated into dollars at our storefront and bottom line.”

Lori Gregan, Retail Operations Manager

Roses for Autism, Guilford

“GoECart’s recognition by CQIA Innovation Prize has benefited us in numerous ways. First, the prizes we won are direct testaments to the extraordinary efforts our team displays for quality and innovation in eCommerce. Second, our affiliation with CQIA Innovation Prize’s prestigious award program helps stimulate interest in our company and our multi-channel eCommerce suite, GoECart 360. We also benefit from the dynamic exchange of ideas at CQIA’s Annual Conference on Quality and Innovation.
CQIA Innovation Prize is even more relevant in 2014 while the state of Connecticut gains momentum as a home for entrepreneurs to innovate and grow world class companies.”

Manish Chowdhary , CEO

GoECart, Bridgeport

“As we reflect on what it meant to our team after the gratification of receiving a 2010 CQIA Innovation Prize, our memories indicate that the entire process brought our team together in a way that nothing else of similar circumstances has. Thank you to the CQIA Innovation Prize members for making this possible.”

Dave Hudson, CEO

Michael Francoeur, Chairman

Joining Technologies, Inc., East Granby

“A CQIA Innovation Prize winner for the last 10 years, TRUMPF finds CQIA to be a good opportunity to share its innovations in sheet metal fabrication equipment and industrial lasers with other businesses throughout Connecticut. It also affords us the opportunity to network with other companies across a wide variety of industries and learn from their experiences.



“Winning the CQIA Innovation Prize and receiving positive coverage tor CRRA, the CRRA Trash Museum and our education programs validated what we have been saying for years: our sustainability education programs really do make a difference.”

Paul Nonnenmacher

Connecticut Recovery Resources,Hartford

“Whenever someone mentions the CQIA Innovation Prize, I remember the lunch I shared at Water’s Edge listening to enthusiastic small and medium size business owners explaining their innovative successes to our table mates. They were patient as I tried to understand each new industry and its location.  I never would have learned from them other than at lunch during a CQIA Conference on Quality and Innovation. Then it was my turn to talk about a much larger nationwide company when my table mates asked me insightful and helpful questions.”

Mike OMalley

Energizer, Milford

NEWS:  Cartus received  two  gold 2013 CQIA Innovation Prize plaques. “Patricia Small was promoted from director to vice president at Cartus, the second largest company in Danbury.”

NEWS: Basement Systems was awarded 13 CQIA Innovation Prizes from 2000 to 2012.  “Basement Systems, Inc. added 50 full time employees in 2013.”      

Larry Janesky

Basement Systems, Inc., Seymour