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Note: In 2009, people attending the 22nd Annual CQIA Conference on Quality and Innovation asked for a smaller step between the CQIA Innovation Prize and the Connecticut Breakthrough Quality Award that they could use on their journey toward the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Although the CQIA Advisory Group recommended using the Baldrige Organizational Profile, CQIA examiners were concerned because the Organizational Profile does not include results, a very important element of the Baldrige Award. Please be aware that Results are not included in the CQIA Organizational Profile Award.

Step Two – Beginning Level. May also be considered Step One for organizations without winning CQIA Innovation Prize applications.

Title: CQIA Organizational Profile Award

Intent to Apply: No Intent to Apply required.

Qualifications: 1) Previous CQIA Innovation Prize application at silver, gold or platinum level. 2) One organization associate must attend CQIA examiner Baldrige training, if held in 2011.

Application Cost: $300 each application. Apply until successful, then move on to Step Three. Mail check made to Connecticut Quality Improvement Award, PO Box 1396, Stamford, CT 06904-1396.

Application Deadline: Open. Apply anytime during the year.

Notification: 60 days after applying

Examiner Feedback: Limited examiner feedback

Criteria: 2011-2012 Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence or Health Care Criteria or Education Criteria. For a complimentary single copy of the criteria , contact Baldrige National Quality Program at telephone (301) 975-2036; Fax: (301) 948-3716; or E-mail: [email protected].

P Preface: Organizational Profile, P.1 Organizational Description and P.2Organizational Situation: What is your organization’s strategic situation? found on pages 4 to 6 in Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence Criteria, or Health Care Criteria or Education Criteria.

Maximum number of pages: No more than (5) five 8 x 11 inch typewritten pages in no less than 10-point font size having ½ inch margins on all sides.

Recognition: Framed diploma presented at 24th Annual CQIA Annual Conference on Quality and Innovation or framed diploma mailed to you within 60 days after 24th CQIA Annual Conference on Quality and Innovation.

Please contact Sheila Carmine, Founder and Executive Director, Connecticut Quality Improvement Award Partnership, Inc. at 203 322-9534 or [email protected] with any questions you may have with your application. It is possible for you to apply for both the CQIA Innovation Prize and the CQIA Organizational Profile Award in the same year.

Please consider taking the second step on your Five Step Journey to a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award application through the Connecticut Quality Improvement Award Partnership. Good luck!

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