With the year 2014, CQIA has reached its 25th anniversary as America’s first state award using the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria for Performance Excellence and the 17th year of the dynamic CQIA Innovation Prize. Although innovation was rarely mentioned 15 years ago, now with Connecticut’s success, the Baldrige criteria have 13 references requesting information on the role of innovation in an organization’s Baldrige application.

Connecticut once again shows healthy signs of being an innovative state. Look at the side bar. Several national and statewide media include CQIA Innovation Prize winners in their current year’s “Best of” lists.

Now for CQIA’s 25th Anniversary, please join with your associates and partners in creating new winning CQIA Innovation Prize applications, proving that you are creating Connecticut into an innovative state.

CQIA has a few new ideas for 2012.

NEW Maybe you never wrote a CQIA Innovation Prize application and are hesitant to start, or you would like to see a well written gold CQIA Innovation Prize application. Please go to CQIA’s website (www.ctqualityaward.org). Look at the tabs on the top. On the far right, you will see a tab that says “One-page apps.” When you click that tab, you should find two gold service company 2011 applications; three manufacturing companies: a business to business app, a business to consumer app and a business to federal government app. Also, one health care community hospital application is listed.

You will see that these applications are written on one sheet of their company’s stationery, with a title or very short description of the innovation. All applications clearly and thoroughly explain the problem they needed to solve (question 1), clearly and thoroughly describe the innovation used to solve the problem (question 2), and a 2b explanation. To answer question 3, they use numbers to record the benefits of the innovation to the applicant organization. All are succinctly written on one page.

Why CQIA Innovation Prize Is Different From Other State Awards?

1) CQIA Innovation Prize is an Innovation Prize!

2) Your innovation must be developed sufficiently to have reached your market with demonstrated numerical results. One is a fine number.

3) There is no limit to the number of winning applications from each organization or from the entire state.

4) All organizations with a facility in Connecticut are eligible to apply. Organizations include manufacturers, service companies, health care institutions, all levels of academic facilities, and not for profits, as well as local, state and federal agencies.

5) The CQIA Innovation Prize is Step One of “Five Steps to the Baldrige.”

6) From 1995 to 2011, more than 580 organizations received winning CQIA Innovation Prizes. For the complete list of winning organizations found on CQIA’s website, click here.

7) Winning applicants receive either the platinum, gold or silver award level plaque. You may decide the appropriate words you want inscribed on your winning plaque.

8) Leadership of companies winning CQIA Innovation Prizes express their respect and appreciation to their associates for creating new products, services and processes that are reaching their market place.

9) Many companies use their success with the CQIA Innovation Prize to burnish their PR credentials and to enhance their advertising collateral.

10) Most important as a recipient of a CQIA Innovation Prize, You Are Joining With the Best!

To View Innovation Prize Requirements Click Here